New dustless technology

We  are pleased to offer our costumers The latest technology in the drywall industry, our self cleaning dust collection vacuum, this machine will sand drywall compound and remove ceiling stucco taking away 90% of the dust, compared to traditional ways.


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Ceiling stucco

Install / Repair

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Removal of ceiling stucco has to be done by a professional, we are your choice for stucco removal and repair.

Metal frame

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  F. Oliveira Drywall

Repair or installation of light metal frame to your basement or commercial project.

We can help you with:

  • Drywall Repair and installation
  • Drywall taping finish
  • Ceiling stucco removal or repair
  • Plaster repair
  • Insulation
  • Metal framing

​We are reliable, honest and we love our customers, we work with you  and on your schedule